In the commercial arena the Firm has experience and provides services to a multifaceted array of clients and entities, including;

i) Health Care Agencies:

Attorney Sweeting has served as General Counsel as well as provided legal advice and consultation to numerous Health Care Agencies and Associations, including Targeted Case Management Agencies, Home Health Care Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities and other providers. In such capacity we are familiar with Medicaid and Medicare and the regulatory environment in which these agencies must operate. We provide advice and consultation to providers in regard to compliance, structure, regulations, contracts, relations with HMO’s as well as with audit preparation and the audit process as well as defense and response to agency and criminal investigations.

ii) Small Business & Construction Law:

The Firm provides legal services to Contractors, Sub Contractors, Property Owners and suppliers within the Construction industry inclusive of the prosecution and enforcement of liens, employer-employee relations, 1099 contractors, wage and hour issues, payment disputes, draws permitting, regulatory issues, inspections and compliance. Additionally, we provide similar services to small business including incorporation, planning, dispute resolution and myriad of issues that confront small businesses in the current environment.

iii) Non Profit and Tax Exempt Organizations:

The Firm has a history of representing, incorporating and advising tax exempt organizations and churches, including assisting in obtaining 501(c)(3) designation as a tax exempt organization from the Internal Revenue Service; as well as compliance with other local, state and federal regulations pertaining to these organizations.

iv) Real Property - Land Use:

We provide services to land owners regarding the use and development of their property, boundary disputes, easements, eminent domain litigation, environmental services, regulatory compliance, tax assessment and valuation, title issues including the removing of clouds on titles, assisting with obtaining clear title and landlord tenant.

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