The firm maintains a vigorous general practice section devoted to providing effective high quality service in these areas of the Law.

i) Personal Injury:

Attorney Sweeting has built I highly effective and professional team to handle personal injury cases. Auto accidents, slip and falls product liability and other types of liability cases are handled by the firm.

ii) Wills & Estate Planning:

We assist our clients in the preparation of their Wills and in the planning of their Estates. The firm provides assistance with probate matters and with the settling of Estates after the passing of a loved one.

iii) Debt & Collection Agency Defense:

Being harassed by collections agencies need to arrange and prioritize your debts or work on improving your credit score. The Law Firm works with debtors, shielding them from abusive creditors and predatory collection practices. Contact us so that we may devise strategies to assist you with your debt and collection problems.

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