Competency in litigation and trial practice are the root of any successful Law Practice. At the Law Offices of James Sweeting III, LLC, we are more than competent in these areas we excel in them. In this arena we concentrate on;

i) Criminal Defense:

Attorney Sweeting began his career specializing in criminal defense in the early 90’s. This work has been the keystone of his practice since that time. Specializing in major felonies and serious crimes we are extremely knowledgeable and effective in this arena. With years of courtroom experience, we are fearless advocates for our clients.

ii) Family Law & Domestic:

No area of the Law is more emotionally draining for the participants than family law. Further, the financial and other matters that are at stake in family court represent a major lifetime obligation, for those involved. Detail, knowledge and experience in these matters is critical, as is the ability to assess the situation and find appropriate solutions for our clients. These are the attributes that we employ for our clients benefit in these cases.

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