• Consultations

    We provide consultations via telephone, video (Skype) or in-person for a nominal fee. Consultations are scheduled by appointment only. Our consultations involve speaking about your legal problem and planning a systematic approach that will identify the best possible outcome for you. Our services commence once a written legal services agreement is signed and initial payment arrangements are made.

    Attorney Fees

    At The Law Offices of James Sweeting III, we always strive to provide you with reasonable attorney’s fees. Our fee structures vary on a case-by-case basis. Depending upon the nature of your case, legal fees may be hourly rates, flat fees, contingency fees, or a combination depending upon the anticipated demands and timeline of your matter. While our goal is to attempt to fit your budget to our structure, such an arrangement depends on the nature of your legal matter. Naturally, legal fees vary because they depend on the anticipated time required to handle a matter, complexity of work, the desired results, and other client expectations.

     Attorney Fees Options

    In certain limited matters, we offer limited scope representation. Such matters generally do not involve court action in which we assist you to appear pro se (as your own attorney) at reduced legal rates. We provide advice, legal research, and other support services. This gives us the flexibility to assist you without you having to dive deep into your pockets, allowing you to control fees and related costs.

    In Personal Injury cases the firm receives a percentage of the gross recovery in these cases if their is no recovery their is no fee. Certain fees and fee agreements are limited by statute and the Firm complies with all government and Bar regulations pertaining to fees and how they are charged. For greater information about fees and our fee structure please feel free to contact attorney Sweeting, who will be happy to discuss these matters personally.

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